Programming in Python

10 months ago, our eighth grade Introduction to Computer Science class did not even exist. 10 months later, our students have learned to program in Python as they built their own version of Siri, a voice agent that can do automated searches for YouTube videos. In a very small, yet distinct way, this class is a microcosm of what we do every day on Old Church Road. We never stand pat resting on our accomplishments. Rather, we continue to innovate, to push forward while never forgetting who we are at our core. As we prepare to open our high school in just 14 months, we will leverage this entrepreneurial spirit and couple it with 91 years of educational leadership. Exciting times ahead!

As you receive this video, we will have just completed our final all-school assembly. It is bittersweet to bid farewell to our friends for the summer, but I take solace in knowing that 900 students will be walking back through our doors in just 84 days from today. I hope you have a terrific summer, read lots of books, get to spend quality time with family, and have warm days in which to do it all.


Adam C. Rohdie
Headmaster, The Greenwich Country Day School