Community & Belonging

Desmond Tutu once simply said, "We inhabit a universe that is characterized by diversity."  

At GCDS, diversity and inclusion is a core component of the "who we are" and the "what we hold as important."  As valuable as teaching math or social studies, helping children feel included, helping children develop empathy, and helping children understand compassion may ultimately be the most important skills we can give children. We are so lucky to have Chrissy Colón Bradt as a new member of the GCDS Administrative team. In her role as Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, she has, in a very short amount of time, helped focus our thinking and sharpen our perspectives. This short video gives you a little window into some of the professional development work we did with our faculty and staff back in February. I hope you enjoy watching as students, faculty, and staff all explore the work of what it means to be a truly inclusive community!


Adam C. Rohdie
Headmaster, The Greenwich Country Day School