Lunch at GCDS

At our recent Admissions Open House, I gave the over 300 parents in attendance a series of questions that were less traditional but perhaps the most important questions in trying to determine the true nature and culture of a school. The first question I offered was, "How do they eat?" By that I meant what happens in the Dining Hall is a powerful sign of what a community values. Take a stroll during any lunchtime in the McCormick Dining Hall and you will see a place that serves over 1,000 healthy, real food meals. You will see children sitting in assigned seats with adults, you will see kids saying “please” and “thank you,” you will see students composting and learning about food waste, and you will see our youngest trying a "no thank you bite," even if a serving looks unappetizing to them.  

We know the dining room is as powerful a teaching tool as the classroom, and the people who work there are no less teachers than I am. Please enjoy this Headlines video, giving you a glimpse into our world of "how we eat" (and judging by my growing waistline, we eat well!).


Adam C. Rohdie
Headmaster, The Greenwich Country Day School