Inspired by NASA

In one of the defining scenes of the film Apollo 13, a team of NASA scientists are charged with fashioning a device that would be able to scrub the carbon dioxide from the crippled lunar module, providing the astronauts enough oxygen to survive. Using only the materials that were already on the ship and racing against the clock, this incredible team framed a filter that ultimately saved three lives.

Taking this inspirational story as motivation, our teams of sixth graders were challenged with saving an ordinary egg from the outcome of becoming “scrambled.” Working against a time limit with only toothpicks, cotton balls, yarn, tape, Dixie Cups, and two balloons, our scientists set off on a truly exciting mission. You can feel the emotion as you watch this video, and, as teachers, we can see once again the development and refinement of the powerhouse skills (creativity, time management, teamwork, and, of course, resiliency).



Adam C. Rohdie
Headmaster, The Greenwich Country Day School