The Capitol

Maybe it's the U.S. history teacher in me, but every time I join our ninth grade in our nation's Capitol I get goose bumps. This year was no different. The history of the city—the collection of artifacts from our country's past—continue to elicit great conversations and a patriotic feeling that is hard to shake.

This year, my twelfth trip with GCDS, was once again a special one. From visiting the Supreme Court to spending time with Jim Himes on the steps of the House of Representatives to bringing a group of students to listen to speakers rallying for common sense gun laws, I was inspired by our students. They asked great questions, they were complimented by total strangers for their manners and decorum, and they bonded together as a class after a summer away from school. It truly was a special way to start the school year.

Enjoy this short video that highlights the trip. Even if you have a daughter in nursery, I promise you will get a great feeling of what is to come!


Adam C. Rohdie
Headmaster, The Greenwich Country Day School