Paper Tower Challenge

Can you beat our Upper Schoolers?

Kids love a challenge, a bit of friendly competition. So when a group of our Upper School math and science teachers were looking for a fun, celebratory way to complement the types of problem solving our students do every day in class, they thought back to their own attempts at the Paper Tower Challenge.

5 sheets of paper. 1 roll of tape. 2 pairs of scissors. 20 minutes.

Though the ingredients are simple, in the midst of the laughter and high energy, important things happen. Do you dive right in? Do you plan it out? How well do you track the time? What happens if teammates disagree? Is there anything you’ve read or learned in class that would help?

This festive, surprise challenge was a fun way to highlight the skills that are woven into class every day. Enjoy this quick look!


Adam C. Rohdie 
Headmaster, The Greenwich Country Day School