Awesome on Purpose

Five years ago, Rose Moye was hired to develop a dance program from scratch. Thanks to the generosity of our parents, Country Day was able to build a new Performing Arts Center, which paved the way for this programmatic dream to become a reality. Fast forward to today, and anyone who has experienced the "force of nature" that is Mrs. Moye knows that she literally changes lives. Over 150 dancers strong, the GCDS dance program does so much more than teach children how to dance. It develops in the dancers those same skills we are trying to instill in the classroom. Dedication, time management, creativity, teamwork, and, of course, resilience are hallmarks of any time spent in the studio. When asked their motto, the children will remind you, “Excellence is the standard, not the goal!” 

The Dance Showcase is the culmination of the incredibly hard work the boys and girls have put in all year. Great schools put children together with incredibly talented and passionate teachers and the results bring tears to your eyes. Enjoy this highlight reel from the show!


Adam C. Rohdie
Headmaster, The Greenwich Country Day School