As the World Turns

“The Earth rotates on its axis; the moon revolves around the Earth.” With this simple understanding, the first grade was off and running as they created three-dimensional models that help them cement basic concepts of physics and astronomy. It is easy to look at this project and underestimate the powerful learning experience that is taking place. For when you have the ability to show—to model your understanding—you truly have a grasp of the concept.

What is the structure of the solar system? What is gravity and how do forces act? Why does the moon have phases? These are some of the questions our Lower Schoolers explore as they learn about the solar system.

Much of what happens in the Jamie Rudolph Science House is about allowing our very youngest to actually “do” the work of real scientists. The skills of observation, of hypothesis, and of critical thinking are tested and refined with every trip the children make to this magical place. The snake, turtles, chinchilla, and bearded dragon make the Science House fun to visit; the lessons—the challenges the students face—make it a place where they all grow as learners. Enjoy this short snapshot of our students in action!


Adam C. Rohdie 
Headmaster, The Greenwich Country Day School