Physical Education at GCDS

At Country Day, P.E. truly is physical education. When I walk through the gymnasiums or out on the fields, I see our teachers teaching young kids how to throw and catch, how to run and kick, but most importantly I see them imparting life lessons that will benefit their students all of their lives.

When the nursery is playing What Time Is It, Mr. Fox?, they are learning how to follow multi-step directions and understand how to comport themselves even if they are tagged out. When pre-kindergarteners are playing rollover dodgeball, aside from spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination, they are learning how to be good teammates and the basics of good sportsmanship. On "Fitness Tuesdays,” when first and second graders are doing fun stations—jump ropes, rebounders, noodle squats—their teachers are building in lessons on how muscles work. And when third graders start learning the basics of the team sports they will play in the Middle and Upper Schools, the P.E. teachers take time at the end of class to debrief the game. They will ask the students, “Even though your team lost the game today, what positives can you take away?” 

In a world where obesity rates continue to skyrocket and our children are bombarded with poor health and nutritional choices, I take great pride in knowing that our students will graduate with skills that will allow for a lifelong participation in sports and recreational fitness and, perhaps even more importantly, they will know what it means to compete in a graceful way. 

Enjoy this 60-second video of our youngest learning while having a great time!


Adam C. Rohdie 
Headmaster, The Greenwich Country Day School