Concussions in the News

GCDS hired Patrick Curry as our first athletic trainer in August of 2013. Patrick is a certified athletic trainer with a specialty in concussions. Under his leadership, this winter we are incorporating a new technology that is designed to help us keep our young athletes safe. 

Each member of our varsity hockey team now wears a sensor headband under their helmet that has a computer chip sewn into it. Should one of the players receive a hit to the head, the chip sends an instant message to our trainer, which lets him know the severity of the impact. This allows us to get the player off the ice immediately and follow up with a series of tests to see if the player is concussed. We will use this same technology with the lacrosse team in the spring. 

An exciting way to keep competitive and most importantly keep safe!


Adam C. Rohdie 
Headmaster, The Greenwich Country Day School

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