Discovery-based Learning

There are so many different ways to teach children. At Country Day, we believe strongly that providing children with hands-on, discovery-based, team-centered opportunities produces the best outcomes. Our students are placed into situations where they must dive deeply into the higher order thinking skills like hypothesis, analysis, and synthesis. Just take a moment and look at the intensity on the faces of third graders as they wrestle with their owl pellet dissection. Their motivation is 100% internal – this is not about grades – it is all about their insatiable desire to understand this unique process and prove their own hypothesis about these beautiful birds of prey.

I love the Headlines series because every day I have the chance to witness these transformational experiences, but I am not always sure they are communicated to parents at home. I hope these next two minutes give you a window to peek in and see just some of what happens here each and every day – enjoy!


Adam C. Rohdie
Headmaster, The Greenwich Country Day School