Math Talks

“I am just not a math person.” I grew up with that refrain. I said it whenever anyone would listen, and, as with many things, when you repeat it often enough, it starts to become true. Of course, I did not go to GCDS, and I certainly did not have the immense benefit of working with a teacher like Trish Kepler, our new nursery through fifth grade math coordinator. Trish has hit the ground running, and, whether working with groups of children or groups of faculty, she encourages us to see that the best mathematician isn’t always the child who finishes first or has the best ability to memorize facts, rather success belongs to the child who is the most thoughtful, most methodical, most creative, and most able to see multiple ways to solve a single problem.

Tonight’s video is over four minutes in length! I know that is long (we aim for 2 minutes or less), but I wanted to dive a bit deeper into the teaching of math at Country Day and how we do it so well. If you can spare the extra minutes, I think you will agree with me that this is the type of math class you would enjoy—and one that would ultimately lead you to join so many of our young students when they say, “I love math!”


Adam C. Rohdie
Headmaster, The Greenwich Country Day School